Its almost impossible to find a new copy of this game on Xbox 360 now


If I buy a PC and create an account, can I use that account for my 360?


I have heardyou can use your account on any system the game is available for but I don't have any confirmation of whether or not you unlock everything on all systems since if I buy a used copy on the 360, the registration codes will probably not work.


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As far as I'm aware the account you create is transferable but I honestly have no idea how that works. Since this forum is so dead you should try over at in the FFXI section. Someone there is bound to know the correct info.

What do you mean about unlocking stuff? If you just mean access to the content like expansions then that should be fine since it's directly tied to your account. If you mean achievements than who cares, it's not important.

yes you can use a pc account on either the 360,pc,or ps2.

basically its a squeezin account so they handle it.

if for example you had a ff11 account on the pc for years,then decided to play on your would buy a new 360 copy register that,then move your previous account to the 360.i believe you can play either or,but im not sure n that.

i do know for a fact you can move it though.

just a fyi:ff14 is free atm.since its due in sept on the ps3 i figured id get a head start.well guys say it sucks,i duno its only been a few days for me.its like when i was in beta nobody knows nuthin except guys that have been there a bit longer than you.eventually if you play long ebnough those guys are gone...leaving you lol.thats my plan anyways,since i wasnt the greatest redmage but i bet a very good redmage will make out like a bandit there.o ya they dont call it redmage boooooo.