Now we have it confirmed that the demo will be available from the 13/09/11 (great news cant wait)

got a few other questions regards FIFA 12

1. Looking to find out if there's any update when the achievement list will be released. Am thinking will be around the same time of the demo but if any1 knows for sure would love to no.

2. Another question was looking to be answered is regarding this season ticket for ea. They say that you will be able to play the game 3 before its release date is that the release date in your region or can you play it 3 days before the its released in america first, so me been based in the UK could play it nearly a week before it released, i could b tempted to buy it if that was the case. :D

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1. You should keep checking for the achievement list.

2. I do not understand your question.

hey thanks for the reply been checking the Xbox360achievements  website nothing yet thou :(

regards the other question you no this ea season ticket that they are doing at the moment where you can play the games

3days before anyone I am based in the UK and its release date is the Friday so three days before that is the

Tuesday but the release date in the USA is the Tuesday so would I be able to play it 3 days before the USA date or the UK date.

My friend, who lives on the eastern coast of the UK has the season ticket and it's telling him that he gets it the Sunday before release.  I'm in the US and I get the early release on the Friday.  So he gets it for a full 5 days.  I had it for Madden and NHL and couldn't play BAP.  It's shite because it says "play the FULL game" before release.

I cant justify the cost of the  season ticket just for Fifa. I dont play any other of their sports titles.

I stand corrected.  You can play BAP in NHL 12, so you probably will be able to in FIFA.