Question: The Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon

I am heading into a battle at The Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon where I’ll fight two Dagon demons once I kill Silus from Dawnstar my question is this. Before I attempt this battle I went to you tube and looked and I notice the player had a flower what looked like a follow like that of a rose …. Is this a weapon ? I have this thing, if it is how do you use it. I looked through Wiki and I didn’t seen anything on it or could that player on you tube had moded that part of his game.


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Yes it's one of the daedric quests. Not sure what wiki your using but I found it straight away on 3 different wikias. CLICK ME

sanguine rose staff - It will summon a random Dremora to aid in your fights for 60 seconds

I'm using uesp wiki its for all systems including PC. Also, its not a staff much shorter stem looking thing, and how do you use it when i pick it up it goes into my Misc not in weapons section.

Equip it, hold down RT (or LT if its equipped in the left hand) for about 2-3 seconds and release!  One pet Dremora


Do you check a wiki before every quest you do?

Doesn't that take the fun out of it?

I'm starting to think Riven needs the wiki.....REALLY needs it.  

I'm done with this quest...I made it through OK thanks for all oyur help ths therad is now dead.

Nothing like using one Daedric artifact while on a quest to get another one!