Question regarding Trevor -SPOILER!

I've just finished the mission with Michael where he pulls his daughter off the the pornographers boat, and Franklin were he and his two sidekicks are ambushed in a warehouse by ballers. then chased by the cops. Is Trevor going to appear anytime soon or have I gone astray somewhere? In this one instance mild spoilers are OK for me. Just curious, Thanks!

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Hold down on the D-Pad to switch between characters. Trevor is on the right side of the wheel you'll see. Use the left joy-stick to select him. His missions are orange on the map. The skull missions are the most fun. Especially the second skull icon mission in Los Santos. It is a bath of blood.

Keep playing dude. You will get to the point he appears. Think it was about 10 or 11 main story missions before I found him. Maybe slightly wrong on the number.


Thanks gents, was just wondering if I zigged when I should've zagged... Goin back in.

Complete the "Jewelry Store Heist" and you should start playing as Trevor by the next mission. Look for the mission name at the bottom and if it is orange, you will be playing as Trevor next.

Thanks Legend, I've done no missions so far today. I was exploring all day, and trying to steal that crop duster to boost flying skills.

FYI, It isn't always at that little dirt airstrip. If you hang out all day waiting for it, it doesn't show up, but drive up there around 19-2000hrs you'll see it land often. The pilot leaves it parked facing a fence. Took me a couple times trying to maneuver it to face down the runway until I realized you can back it up if you use the normal vehicle reverse. It takes about ten seconds for it to start moving. How bout that, hijacked my own thread.  ;)