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Why are Battlelog posts forbidden?


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Must be all the nudity on your BL profile...

Naming and shaming isn't allowed which is kind of what you did.

Question Moderators? WTF do you think this is?

[quote user="Praetorian VIII"]

Naming and shaming isn't allowed which is kind of what you did.


Posting a link to a page, picture or video does fall under the "name and shame"  rule. It also fell under harassing in this case. I know that's not what you were really going after. At least not totally going after. I did have to remove the links because of that. I did however keep the thread open for those of you who had already looked to talk about it. A long as no one names them again I left it be. Not trying to stop your guys fun at all. Just following the rules.

Err, wrong, I posted the Battlelog links because I showed people I didn't kick them because I was going badly, in fact, the opposite.


EDIT: I guess, that (somehow) falls under naming and shaming.

That's why I said I know that is not what you were going after at all. I wont argue the "harassing" part at all. I know you were not doing that. I'm just saying that was part of what it falls under.

Mods going HAM up on dis thread yall. DAYUM!!!!

............this one time, at bandcamp....

You stuck a flute up your *censored*?