Question, im very worried :/

Hello, as i understand it i can only transfer my licenses once a year?

I got a new Xbox before Xmas and a "So called" mate decided to smash it up :/
I have got ANOTHER one since new year and want to transfer my licenses. 

Bought a few games on Arcade, and a fair bit of DLC. I do not have an internet connection where i am so having these licenses transfered is a bit important.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. i still have my original Hard drive. 



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Did you press criminal charges against your so called mate? and you will not be able to transfer licenses without an internet connection, you also will not be able to play the full version of the games offline until you do

I didnt bother as i had no proof. Needless to say we are no longer friends.

Also i am at a friends house at the moment and have been told i can use his connection to do this, i need the licenses because i personally do not have internet at the present moment in time. Thank you for your reply.

[quote user="Tatakai no Kami"]

Did you press criminal charges against your so called mate?

[/quote]Or at the very least, a good punch in the face? I've also never heard of only being able to transfer licenses once a year. Such a thing doesn't even make sense as that would discourage people from buying new hardware. Microsoft wants you to buy a brand new 360 every day for the rest of your life.

It's now once every 4 months instead of once a year, still a bit of a wait I'm afraid :(

No it's on the website, or it used to be, I think it's supposed to be an anti piracy thing, You download something then go to your mates house download it there and then transfer the license to his console so he can play it when you're not there. a few weeks later you do the same at another friends house. etc.

You can transfer licenses once every four months these days, so you could wait.


Try giving support a ring though and see if they can do one for you. They generally only do it in exceptional circumstances but I would say your own would qualify

Said friend would have got more than a punch in the face, an old skool beating would have been more appropriate if the friend wasnt a girl :/ And i guess ill have to do that. Problem is this is the third 360 i have bought in the span of about a year. First was stolen, second was smashed, and this one has no disc drive so i have to settle for Demos and arcade until i get a new drive. Grrr just wanna play my Duke Nukem 3D -_-

flaming bag of dog doo, Monthly. All I'm going to say.