Question: Gang attacks

Sorry, the tutorial went by quickly and I missed the info.

When you get a call for asssitance, what happens if you don't answer?

I've answered a few in the beginning, and usually get stomped on in wave 4 or 5.


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I did not answer a call today and nothing happened ( or I missed it).  The cell started ringing and I just didn't answer it.

If you don't answer the phone you'll just keep on doing whatever it was you were doing before the call.

I carried out an attack in front of the penthouse crib and made it through all 9 waves with help from backup. However, once I finished the 9th wave, the game told me to finish off the remaining enemies. The only problem is that they never stopped coming--even though the clock had reached 0:00 already. Cars and vans of new gang members kept showing up, so I had eventually had to retreat. Is this normal? Should I wait until I have more recruits before attempting these battles?

i say wait till you have beaten the game and you have the tank in your garage so just call it for vehicle delivery when you're at the spot of the challenge. then just go through the waves.

as for when it says finish off the remaining enemies, just stop and leave and it will still count as completed

I got it now. I did a lot of them in the end in a VTOL.

My problem was just bad luck. I got the call in front of the Saints HQ a minute after getting the HQ (very, very early in the game) It started with brutes even in the first wave, and I had pretty much 0 upgrades. I thought they were all going to be that hard.

As for socals questions, you seem to get credit for the activity as soon as the last wave is completed. I usually killed a couple more than took off.

Good to know that the game awards credit after the last wave is up. Thanks for the replies.

yeah I hardly ever answered them because they were so hard early in the game.  Nothing happens when you ignore them.  At first I thought I might lose territory but that isnt the case.

Same thing happens to me too Optical.  I just dont answer the phone.