Question from call of duty 4 online play and leaderboards rank hack

While I was watching my nephew playing a match, moments later he was going really fast like other people were in a game that wasn't suppose to go super speed. I did notice some gamertags use go to this website for modding, I guess it was a advertisement still my nephew was doing bigger damage and someone killed him faster now.


What my question is would my nephew get ban for something as a modder for cod4 went in the game and gave everyone something while he didn't realise it.? I remember last time was super speed and going through walls while that happen I told him to get out of that match.


I was in a game and notice the leaderboards crash course 1sec finish which you cannot do, I did comfront a guy doing that and called him a wannabe rank glitcher.. He told me he hacked and explained what he did was a hack, well in caps and swears of course. I do have the messages.. As i"m tired to see people saying (it's a free game who cares if they hacked) I have seen many and many games due to not being able to be in the leaderboards.

What I'm asking is there something done with the leaderboards and the people whom done this? Oh from the character do I call xbox about this or just report because I have already done that.


Because while playing gow I saw someone in map leaderboard rank 3 -4 points, when couple others got  -5432575


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If he was spreading a infection then yes,you were sitting there watching him play. IF he got the infection in a previous game,you should of told him to dashboard in that previous game. IF it is your account he was playing on you could get banned,and the enforcement team ain't gonna care if he didn't know or not. Your responsible for your own account,and you should of turned off the system,but no offense your story doesn't really add up. Just saying.

fire mar bill,

It's his gamertag I don't play cod. This happen around on the 4th.

I don't even understand what's a infection is? I was seeing it on the screen while my nephew was playing and said people were just joining, it was on the left corner screen.. He was playing a reg game then bame on the left corner of the screen you see these guys pop up advertising mods that is when he was going to fast, people were leaving the game while other's stayed to get there exp to finish the round.



Namemonkey boy,

That doesn't explain anything regarding the leader board situation.. Even if he was ban or what not, his gamertag is still rank one from using a hack.

Anyone who hosts, advertises and/or participates in an infected lobby is subject to a permanent account ban from XBL as per the XBL Terms of Service and everything associated with that account will be forfeit including; gamer score, game saves, ms points, Live time and download content. All of that is gone forever.


Anyone who claims they did not know something was 'off' about the match is lying. The super speed should have been enough to tell your nephew to leave the match right away. By staying and participating he is now subject to the above enforcement action.


The leaderboards are the responsibility of the Game Developer. In fact the modding/cheating is also their responsibility. They are the ones responsible for patching their games to disallow the use of mods/cheats. You would have to contact them in regards to getting the leaderboards reset or fixed.


The only thing MS can do is punish the players who mod/cheat while using the XBL service. However the problem will never go away if the Game Developer doesn't address the issue from their end.

leaderboard hacks/cheats are actually a good way of catching modders,as you say the ones at the top have times or points that are not possible.if you look at their profile from this leaderboard you can usually find modded achievements too and so can report them for modding.

a lot of the top guys on cod4 have had their gamerscores reset or have code of conduct on their profiles.

Why thank you temhotabot, even though the match was almost over and he had a lot of kills he was just waiting to be over.. Him and I didn't even know what it was, well I think he did but he wasn't straight with me, because he was in a party with a person whom said (I'm just being nice and giving you something awesome, it's alright it's legal) So if I did played cod, forbide I don't LOL.. If I did and was indeed gold, was playing a good match with both teams then someone comes in and scrues it up aka modder. I would have to force my self to leave the game even though both parties didn't do anything wrong until 1 modder showed up.

In other words temhotabot a modder shows up in your game, everyone has to leave?


Theowekiller I had reported a lot of people Crash course, gears of war, resident evil 5... In fact I even posted the people who did that on resident evil 5 leaderboards but capcom won't do anything about it I mean removing those people.


Crash course, even though I had mention this previously before. Some responses I had was (it's a free game who cares) there are tons I mean tons of 1 sec finishs

I remember I was rank 3 for having a fast time usa level 1

ya code enforcement what a joke... i was saspenned for texting somthing to a cheater... and yes you can tell a cheater.. does 30 and 0 on black all the time...  i know (ShadowGlider) plays through his computer and has admidded it and still is on line cheating.. thanks for the sapention bootblack or whoever... learn to do your time....!!!!!! and kick the wright person offkine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg can I have your autograph? Come with better stories and please don't bump a thread from 2011. Youtube video: Threatening of hacking players.



A lot of people are sent here via google and are not familiar with the date system, aka Scratch mentioned this in another post and asked us to go easy on them.

Having said that, nice find Undeadfire Zero.

Owned seems appropriate here, lol.

It alive!

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