Question for those who have played the beta.

I was wondering what you guys thought the beta played like.  Does it feel like bfbc2 or medal of honor?  I enjoyed bc2 but couldn't make myself like medal of honor b/c of the spawning system.  I have yet to play the first game due to server issues.


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it does not feel even remotely close to BFBC2 for me. couldnt tell you MOH, i never played that one.

I have not played Bad Co. 2, but they are using a whole new engine for this game.

It feels terrible is what it feels.  It feels like EA thought they were gonna woo the COD crowd.  I prefer the BF series over the COD series, but anyone who is objective know that COD does infantry combat better than anyone.

I would encourage anyone who is thinking about bailing on this to go to youtube and search BF3 beta Caspian gameplay videos.  That's what BF is, not this crap.