Question for anyone that has the game

  • I know I'm not the only one who is wondering this but I just wanted to ask if there were any diversions in Saints Row: The Third that were as hard as the tow truck diversion in Saints Row 2.
  • The reason this is my main concern is because the tow truck diversion is what caused me to stop playing the game for about 3 years. I put it on my shelf and never touched it again. I played the diversion again tonight forgetting how difficult it was and was wondering if Volition did something stupid like add a diversion that was as difficult as the tow truck diversion.
  • I have 99% completion for Saints Row and 94% completion for Saints Row 2.
  • I have no idea what I'm missing for Saints Row but I know for a fact that I'm missing the races, CDs, flying stunts, etc. I never even bothered to do that stuff after being so frustrated with the tow truck diversion. I also HATE racing in games.
  • So, I'm asking this question not only to inform myself but everyone who went through hell with the tow truck diversion and never completed it.
  • Is there a diversion that is as difficult as the tow truck diversion from Saints Row 2? The tow truck diversion was the one and only stupidest idea that the game developers at Volition could have come up with. I just wanted to make sure they didn't make that mistake twice.

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Actually, Saints Row The Third hasn't been released yet. Not until the 15th (Next Tuesday), so can't really answer your questions yet I'm afraid. My best advice to get the Tow Truck diversion done, is to have a Co-op partner help to get it done. Basically you stay in the Tow Truck (need to be to start the diversion) and have your co-op partner run out and get the cars you need when you take them near where it is.

The Races in Saints Row 2 are rather easy in comparison to the ones in the first game, so you may want to reconsider. Also completing all the car/motorcycle/boat/helicopter races unlocks special variants of the race vehicles for your garage.

Even tho S.R.T.T isn't out yet I think they don't have any of the ambulance or fire truck or tow truck diversions

I know it's not out yet but there are people who have the game early by either downloading it or asking a fellow friend who happens to be an employee somewhere to get a copy early.

I was just wondering if there was anyone on here who could received a copy early and could answer this question so I know if there are such missions or diversions in the game so I can avoid them and have fun.

Let me break this up for you...


A: People who have the game early by downloading: I assume you mean those you purchase the digital download... that isn't available yet, UNTIL the 15th.


B: Fellow friend who happens to be an employee somewhere: Game retailers can not release a game PRIOR to it's official release date. The distributors for that area, are the ones who decide WHEN the game is released and to release it BEFORE said release date, can incur some hefty penalties with the retailer (One possible outcome, being that retailer is unable to continue business with said distributor).


So... only way one can answer you, is to say to 'Wait til the 15th and find out for yourself.' That's only 4 days away, be patient.

Some people obtained the game illegally. I was just wondering if they could answer my question. This is all I really need to know about the game. I don't want to know anything else.

Well, I'd discount anything anyone says about a game BEFORE it's released unless they can back it up with a source link etc. Also, I think it'd be pretty stupid for someone to admit to owning a game illegally before it's official release as well, especially on a official forum such as this.


HOWEVER... I did decide to have a look on the Saints Row Wiki specifically, to see if there's any information about the Job Diversions in Saints Row 2 and IF they are carried over into Saints Row The Third. According to whats there, the Job Diversions are NOT returning and the Tow Truck diversion isn't coming back (At this time... however when the game IS released, there may be more info etc).


Source Link:


The following Activites and Diversions are confirmed by the Saints Row Wiki to be in Saints Row The Third:


Diversions are: Base Jumping, Streaking & Flashing and Barnstorming


Activities are: Insurance Fraud, Trail Blazing, Heli Assault, Escort, Snatch, Mayhem, Hitman, Vehicle Theft


New Activites are: Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax, Tank Mayhem, Guardian Angel, Trafficking



Thank you for the links. It's good to know that this diversion will not be making a return.

Actually You can get the game early legally.. I know where i can get one but i actually want the gamestop pre-order bonus

My copy will arrive in two days. I can wait. I would rather wait like everyone else. Makes it more special and I'll have more fun with the game when I wait like everyone else. If I don't wait and get it early it's not fair to other players who don't have the game yet. I'm playing the game early and they have to wait. Where's the fun in that? I'm not saying I'd rather wait for everyone on the planet to receive a copy. I'm just saying I would rather wait for the release date when most players will buy a copy. Also, I won't be able to play co-op unless a friend of mine has the copy. If I have it and he doesn't, I can't play co-op. I have to wait for him/her to receive their copy as well.

To do the tow truck all you need to do is do be in co-op and get you co-op partner to drive the car back for you and pick it up on the tow truck at the last min, that's how I got it