Question for all you pros out there.

OK so it looks like I may have this game tonight. My question is have any of you used the older Microsoft Force Feedback wheel with this game? I only ask because I want to make sure before I set my stand and everything up that it either works well with the game or not very well. I know in the past some felt that a different game was to blame for their wheels burning up and all. I had a problem with my first wheel do to (what I feel not official in any way) a game that FF setting burned up my motor. I just don't want that to happen again.

Any advice you all have would be awesome!  

Thanks in advance  


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I don't use the wheel just a controller, sorry!

Same here. I bought the little wireless speed wheel specifically to use with Forza and did horrible with it. It took me very little time before I returned to controller play.

Well I set it up last night. Was pretty good really. I still need to find a better chair for the set up, and a cup holder lol

I don't think they are updating any drivers or software for the old wheel. Use it while it lasts, hehe... least the chair will be set.

Yeah i have it setup with the old wheel and pedals. Works really well. Not sure why but i feel more comfortable with it on Horizon than what i do with Forza 4. It's more than likely the physics as it is just a street racing game rather than track orientated. I struggle on Forza 4 with the wheel, F12011 i won't use anything else and it is nice with Horizon. Go Figure. Oh and i have set myself up with a cupholder. I have the Playseat SV and am using the gearstick holder which i adapted to hold cups, beer etc.

It works nicely.

Though there still are the known glitches.  Random downshifts, random guidebutton popups, and motor lockups.

Still not enough to stop using the wheel, just too much fun.

I feel the same. I think the it feels better in this game. I think it may be because of the free roam aspect of it. Makes it much more fun to set it all up and play. Even my youngest son loves this game. He plays it like crazy. I had to buy him some cars and send them to his account.