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Is it just me or was anyone else happy when captain robert norton was killed. I found him to be really annoying with his childish attitude. So i was glad when i got to shoot him in the face. I even stomped him into a bunch of little pieces just to show how much i hated him. 


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Yeah he was a d-bag lol.

If my ex boyfriend was mega sexy Issac I would be worried to.

The character was a fun, but very cliched a-hole.  

Haha, I stomped his *** into pieces too.

I was furious when Isaac tried to save that guys life.  After he died, my partner and I t-bagged his body for about 2 minutes straight, then stomped his arms, legs and head off.  After that we stomped the remaining corpse all the way off the cliff. lmao

There can be only one!!

His jealousy had no pay off for me. I was expecting him to be battling dementia from the markers, but instead he turned out to be an insecure little 13-year old. So sad.

i was thinking norton was a unitologists. i think EA missed what would have been an unexpected twist in the story.