Question: Can you start campaign solo and then other players join later in campaign?

That or is it possible for two people to start and then later on add a third, etc? Just wanting to make sure this is possible. I lost my save file (corrupt, drat!) when I did the Gears update and am wanting to try to get back to where my boyfriend & I are. I don't want to waste my time if he needs to be playing with me from the beginning again. Thanks!


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Mine was corrupted.... I completed the game all on one save, then after i checked it all i didn't get my unarmoured fenix, so i played the last chapter on the game and then my file uncorrupted :) maybe try selecting the Act and chapter you got to, then you hopefully won't have to start again :) Hope this helped :) if not... give me an add and i'm up for running through it to get you back to where you and your boyfriend got to.

Yeah, I think I messed it up. I tried to go in and select where I got to but it only shows Act 1, Chapter 1 unlocked... so no go there. I don't have a way to do any gaming via xbox live right now because I'm at work and such. :( Thanks for the offer though!

Try pressing start, select storage device and select your HDD my mate also had this problem and this worked for him... it basically just reloads everything you've got saved for the game. :) and i'm at work now too ;D lol i ment like later or another time if you're up for it. haha

I'll try that this afternoon whenever I get home & see how it works... Hah! Thanks. :) I'll let you know if it works or not.

Okii :) if not.... then i've ran out of ideas... sorry :)