Question before release...

Ok guys, are you gonna install the game yes or not?


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Uhhh yeah boi. I deleted Crysis 2 and Gears 2 off the hdd to have enough room for Skyrim lmao.

Probably play off the disk until the texture issues get fixed. Then I will install it.


That's why I was asking, problem is I'm gonna have to stand the friggin' disk noise, but no matter anyways.

"Nobody, is perfect"... -(nobody)-

To be honest, after you put in the game you will probably be so immersed that you won't notice.  I actually prefer a little background noise. Not music, but a solid tone.... I'm weird that way.

I installed it, what texture issue ?

I will install

If you read other threads it doesn't matter if you install the game or not the issues still can occur. Clear your catch and hope for the best until the patch comes out! Amazon you need to do midnight shipping =[.