Question about unstoppable achievement?

Unstoppable 40

Wave 15 in each mission of Special Ops Survival mode


Do we have to get past wave 15??      I'm asking cause we died on wave 15 on a few of them so didnt know if we have to go back and do them all over.?



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You have to complete the wave. So if you die BEFORE wave 15 ends,  it doesn't count.

Is that 100% ?? Cause I also found this.. There's a total of 16 Survival maps you'll need to play here. To make it a little easier, these are best done with one other player. You may also want to note that not all of the maps are available from the start. Some require you to be a certain level within the Survival mode. By simply playing the other maps, you should have no trouble reaching these ranks. All you need to do is reach the 15th wave for it to count, there is no need to complete it.

Kingpin you don't even have this achievement plz next time don't just put something down!!

I'm assuming if you have a number 15 or greater in the "highest wave" stat located in the spec ops survival menus, then you are fine for the achievement.

Yea I just got the all 10 wave achievement, you just need to get to 15 one left woo hoo

You just have to finish wave 14 on every map.

Yes, you only need to get to 15, you don't have to beat the level.

You can just get to 15 and your fine, you dont have to finish 15. I got to 15 on all of them and got acheivement.

One thing to note is that you have to die and "lose" on a wave either 15 or higher. Quitting after reaching wave 15 won't register on the leaderboards. :) I found that out the hard way.