Question about these cards and 100%

So to collect all the cards and get 100% is 2 acheivements right?

But to get 100% you need all the cards?

However Rage locks some areas off after completing them so you cant get the cards and thus you cant get 100%?

Its making me less enthuastic about doing the side quests etc cos I know i cant get 100% now as I've missed some cards!

Wish they would patch it so all areas are open after visiting them, rather than some closing off!

I can play thought a 2nd time and get the cards for sure, but Id also need to do all the other tasks again, right?


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No, there is still an open access to complete all quest including picking up those cards. In the Town of subway there is a guy in the under ground hideout where you can go back to the beginning of the game in Wellspring. Therefore, go pick up your needed cards.

What I mean is if you did the quests already and missed the card(s).