question about the versus sampler platter acheivment...

ive played plenty of team deathmatch that one is covered. then to speed along the achievment i created private matches with bots for each oth e the other 5 modes. i completed two rounds of each type. the aceivment didnt pop. then i played beast mode  because ive also alreday played horde mode. and still nothing. do you actually have to go into an online lobby to get it? any advice would help. thanks.


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I just ran a quick match of each. It does not have to be a full match. I only played one round in execution and CTL and it still popped for me

It has to be an actual MP match not a private match

ok..thanks for the info. guess ill have to go online and get all kinds of *** talked to me by the guys in my lobby that are twice my rank. lol. all i ever seemed to get put in with are guys like level 28 and a 17. i miss casual where it was more people of my skill set. lol. time to go eat some lead.

now that Warzone -Execution are one how do you get it

rank means nothing in gears u dont get weapon upgrades or anything else 4 being level whatever also half the lower level people r prob players who have been reset