Question about the single player mode


I am currently playing the single player mode. If I complete the game by only doing the main missions can I then go back and complete all of the side missions. If I can go back do I have to replay through the main missions again?

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Yes you can go back and do the side missions after the main game. You'll only miss out on one brain poking, mysterious side mission but it's not an important one and doesn't count for 100%.


Also a famous old saying from last year that may help you down the road: "It Ain't Over Till the Credits Roll"

Just keep that in mind.

Evil is correct.  You can even go back and play missions to get you gold  medal achievement.

Thanks to both of you

I have done a few of the side missions but i want to keep doing the main missions to get further in to the game. Glad I can go bk and do the missions later.