Question About The "New" 360 Consoles


I have a questions about the "new" 360 consoles. Well, they're not really new new or anything, I'm talking about the thin black ones.


I'm on my 4th Xbox console already, the other 3 crapped out, and now this one is starting to break as well and of course my warranty has already expired. Now, my question is, can you use the old hard drives that plug into the regular white Xbox 360's on the new thinner black 360's? Because all I see for sale anymore are the new black ones and I'd like to buy the cheapest one which is what I have done before. I always would buy the arcade version so I could just move my 120GB HDD from one console to the other. Now the cheapest thin black Xbox 360 is only 4GB and I'd like to be able to move my 120GB HDD to that one otherwise I'd have to buy a more expensive console and I really don't want to do that.


Hopefully my question is clear, any help will be appreciated.




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Simple answer is no you can’t.


The HDD housing is completely different and therefore incompatible.

Wow, that is completely stupid. I freaking hate Microsoft. I wish there was any other system that could compare to 360 because I would go with that. It looks like I'm going to have to pay $300 for my 5th 360. I seriously can't believe they made hardware that isn't compatible with the same system later on in it's life. I feel so cheated. :(

To be fair the Xbox 360 S would have looked rather retarded with an old 360 hard drive slapped on top.

You could always buy a cheap 16GB USB stick instead, use that for storage and buy a HDD later.

The cheapo Xbox 360 S also has 4GB of built in flash memory too.

BUT they are supposed to be more reliable, I got one a couple of weeks ago (the 250 GB one) so we'll just have to wait and see.

You could always sell the old HDD on ebay to make up some of the extra cash. Oh, and don't forget, you'll have to buy the transfer cable to get the data from the old HDD to the new one.

I think it's stupid that they don't offer the option to even buy the old system anymore. I have to go out of my way after buying 4 consoles of theirs to sell my HDD on eBay to make up the difference? In no way is that fair at all. I agree it would look stupid on the new console, but I really don't care how it LOOKS. And...the fact it has 4GB of internal memory is a joke. With the 4GB of memory and a 16GB memory stick that is only 20GB on memory...that is what the original Xbox 360's HDD was...that is why I bought the 120GB HDD in the first place.

Microsoft is getting ridiculous with there money grubbing from there consumers. Like I said, I wouldn't buy any other system besides 360, I just can't believe they would do something like this. It's like if they started releasing new games and said, "oh, sorry, those new games only work on the NEW 360, sorry", they should just release a new system instead of making there hardware incompatible between model years.

Ignore EDDS op, u can use the old hdd in the new "slims". u just have to take out the hdd from the case and call MS for a caddy. i have done it about 5 times for myself and a few mates

Really? If you could give me anymore details on what I have to do to do this. So I buy the new slim, then I call Microsoft and tell them what? And is this something you can do without breaking the warranty? Like you don't need any special tools or anything? Sorry if this sounds stupid, I just have no experience with the slims, never seen on in person except at the store.