Question about the original Fable?????

I downloaded the Original fable and things are a little weird I cannot access my Xbox live guide it says you can't get to it when playing original Xbox games does that mean I Will not  get the achievements either or will I still get them?????


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Here's a read for you.


well that sucks I wish I had read this before I downloaded the game. I will prolly still play it since it's one of my oldie favorites. thanks for that link.

Hey I was wondering this aswell. I want to be able to be in an xbl party while I play, would this be possible? If I join the party before I start the game will it keep me in the party and just let me not access the xbl menu, or will it kick me off xbl?


The first game is pretty amazing, even if you;ve played Fable II first, in fact, many would say that despite Fable II improving on Fable significantly, they still feel the Original Fable (and The Lost Chapters) was better, the most common reason cited would be Jack of Blades being one of the most interesting villains in modern games and the untold (and sometimes game breaking) glitches in Fable II.


I haven't played the PC version (yet) but it can still be picked up (and factory sealed even!) very cheaply at places like Amazon. There also used to be (maybe still is?) various ways to mod the game, such as being able to wear Jack of Blades outfit :)


Just bought fable 1 on ebay and apart from not as good graphics im enjoying it imensly

Fable 1 is possibly the best fable, Whilst having ACTUAL armour (Plate. Chainmail) there are alot of great things about it, For example, The arena is much better than the crucible. You can donate your books! Much cooler weapons. Solus greatsword etc. In my opinion, Best storyline. Middle finger lightning combo. Funner quests. Alot of jokes, Much funner enemies (ZOMBIES on Execution hill?)

Microsoft is retarded i don't know why they couldn't make it so you can play Xbox originals with out any freeze on games and being able to go on Xbox  live to talk with friends.

Lionhead have gotten (from what I can tell in my random meanderings on the web) quite a roasting over not fixing many issues on Fable 2, which mostly came out about an uproar that in Fable 3 the PC version has a Repair All button for the houses you rent out but Fable 3 (as far as I know right now) won't be implementing it, the reason given was although a game can be patched pretty much what is on the disc is final.

New content can be added with DLC's etc but it's too code intensive to actually change anything fundamental in the game unless it's a bug.

The argument is probably still raging over on the Lionhead forums so I would recommend tat as your next stop if you are still incensed :P

As for Fable 2 not having armour, not only does it have armour but the full suit of armour you can aquire via the Knothole Island DLC also changes it's appearance as your morality changes :)

And while the Arena in Fable 2 was a lot of fun, it was plot related and not, as far as I know, something you could do whenever you wanted. Fable 2 not only has the Crucible but via the See the Future DLC you also gain access to the Colosseum :)

It's unfair to say Fable 2 didn't have great weapons, no devastating weapons yes but it not only had some great weapons  but you could also create your own custom weapons with the Knothole Island weapons and Augments being the most powerful.

I've only played Fable once but I never realised about the zombies on Execution Hill and now that I've read it it makes perfect sense! =)

Gotta' love zombies.

And yeah. The colluseum is fun, its alot like the Aena from fable one. But can be a drag.

And create custom weapons?.. I know you can augment weapons etc, But was unaware you could CREATE them too.

And i dont really Focus on Augments. Diachi and the Perforator is all i need.

The Daichi is a great weapon, but with an extra slot you can have pretty much the same weapon but with more damage :D

I do theme my characters not only by look and choices made but by the weapons they wield, mostly I use the Knothole Island weapons for helping folks that can't get the hang of the Colosseum, occasionally the lag can get pretty bad so I just need something that hits the hardest and saves me another 15 mins of my time =)

I think create is such a subjective word xP