Question about the level 50 faction weapon unlock...

I understand that if you hit level 50, you are allowed to choose one weapon from the other faction.  What I wanted to know is, does it have to be a weapon that you had already unlocked at a decision point, or do you get the option to choose from everything that was available to that faction, even if you didn't take it at a decision point?


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Yes, only the weapons you already have.

They should have made it so you can have ALL of your weapons on whatever faction you want. Bodark gets screwed over badly.. The Ghosts have all of the best stuff available to them. Plus, I hate the Bodark optics. BF3 did something similar and it actually made me like the game a little less. Why can't we just use what we want? Why do the weapons have to be restricted to certain factions? I mean, it's pretty clear that the Bodark have access to everything the Ghosts do if you played the campaign. They might not run around with the same weapons, but, if they can get access to all of the Ghosts cloaking and Augmented Reality tech, why not the weapons?

If you take the Double Time reward from Uplay (20 points), you can take both weapons at any decision point (a one time deal).  This would make even more of them available to you.