Question about the dlc please help..

Me and my friend share an xbox and he just downloaded the dlc on his account. I'm just wondering if i'll be able to play the download content also? I've played many other games of his where he downloaded the content on his account and I was able to play them. Whether it was arcade games, dlc, etc. But I just want to make sure if I can play the dlc or not, thanks. :)


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If it is the same account with the licenses, you should have no problems. If you want to play something, you need to have the license for it that shows you paid for it.

Oh okay I get what you're saying, thank you. But I have another problem. It says at the main menu that It's checking for extra content or whatever, but the content is nowhere to be found. I've been playing Fallout 3 for a while and I still haven't found the quests. How am I supposed to play the extra content? Thanks.

Check your pip boy, you should find them in the quest log & check the radio stations you sould pick up broadcasts thru your pip boy...