Question about the DLC included

I purchased the digital version of the game. It seemed to be one install, but I noticed after starting the game that none of the bonuses were included. The silencer etc were not available like they were for the 360 version. I'm confused about this, were those not included with the game? I'm going to try a complete reinstall to see if that helops, but I would hate to waste the time if it's simply an option that I don't know about. I know that this was a problem with other digital games on the 360 (see kingdoms of amalur dlc weapons).

If anyone can give me some tips on this I would appreciate it.


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I got the disk on release no silencer with that I got the digital yesterday no silencer with that

O.k., well thank you GrowlingYapper. I thought it would be like the 360, we had all of the dlcs purchased there.

Your welcome mate