Question about the create-a-team in NBA 2k11

I'm wanting to go pick up this game but I have to ask something about it. I want make a create-my-own-team made up of folks I used to play basketball with when I was younger. Can I create my own players from scratch and put all of them on my own created team? I keep reading about the My Player mode which is not what Im looking to do. Heck, if 2k11 doesn't do it, does any of the other previous versions have this ability?


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I am assuming you already got your answer since the game is now in your play list.  Yes, you can do this, and I enjoy this feature by recreating myself and my friends who I balled with on the streets of Queens NY.  Feature works great for exhibition and association games.  The only downside for me is the team is not available for blacktop play, which is where we used to do our thing.