question about the cheat DLC pack on market place

if i buy the cheat DLC pack and use it, will it disable achievements? or can i still get them? i am assuming since i am paying for it, it will not disable achievements. does it work like the cheat mode in crackdown? in crackdown, when you use cheats you can't get achievements but, when you go back and play without the cheats, you can get the achievements. i wanna be sure i won't disable or lock achievements by buying the cheats pack and using it.


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You can purchase it, but as soon as you activate any of the codes via your phone (Go to 'Extras' and you'll find the 'Cheats' tab), you'll get a message warning you that Autosave will be disabled and you'll be unable to earn achievements. Just like with SR1 and SR2, using cheats in them, disabled earning achievements.

then why would anyone wanna buy the cheat pack for then?

More than likely there are some 'gamers' who want to have everything (invincibility, infinite ammo, unlimited clip etc) right from the start and some of them are probably too lazy to go online to find the info there and have a surplus of MS points so buy it. The game isn't that hard that you need cheats to play it either, and you can more or less unlock most of the cheats in that pack, just by playing the game and buying the appropriate upgrades.

Paying for cheats is a pretty stupid thing to do if you ask me.. I mean, cheats are cool and are fun to use, but paying for them is crazy. Most of those "cheats" don't even seem fun. Remember back in the day when you could make people have huge heads and you could fly cars? Now, if that Cheat DLC includes a cheat that lets the player crawl on walls like Spiderman, I'd say "Get it! GET IT NOW!" lol.