Question about the Battle Edition.

I already pre-ordered it, but now I'm skeptical because the person at Gamestop said I may not be able to use the arcade stick for other games. Does anyone have experience with using previous fight sticks like the MK9 one with multiple fighting games?


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Why wouldn't you be able to use the fightstick with other games?  It looks like it's built for all fighting games unlike the Mortal Kombat fightstick which was pretty much built for Mortal Kombat games.  My experience with Gamestop employees, is that they usually don't know what they're talking about.

Sounds good, I hope that's the case!

Fightsticks are just that, a fight stick...its like saying the LE controllers for games like Tomb Raider HALO 4 will only work on those games.


You will be fine to use the fight stick with other games, just dont expect amazing quality for a stick that comes with the game though

Yeah that gamestop employee just wants you to buy a fight stick for each fighting game, this fight stick that comes with Injustice is like what DarkWarrior said, it can be used probly with any fighting game, as its not just a Mortal Kombat button layout like the MK fight sticks were.