question about the 360 wireless earpiece from microsoft

im a 360 noob direct from pc gaming. my question is if i were to get the microsoft wireless ear piece what audio comes out of it? is it just the chat or the game audio and chat? is there a way to just get chat only out of it or chat only out of another headset? idealy i want gaming audio out of my tv and chat only in my this possible?


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The OFFICAL Wireless Xbox Headseat is CHAT ONLY. There is no way to get game audio out of the headset.


So game audio=Tv


All xbox headsets are crap cheaply made, hopefully this one is different, I'd get a turtle beach buts that's not what you're looking for if you only want chat.

Don't get it. I have the wireless earpiece and it's garbage, takes 8 hours to get a full battery so if it dies on you you can't use it for the rest of the night. It gets very uncomfortable to wear after an hour and the mic seems to pic up a lot of ambient noise. My friends are always complaining they can hear my TV even when I have the volume lowered. Also if you ever mute yourself if beeps at you to remind you that you're muted, necessary but extremely annoying.


Honestly you're just as well off if not better with the cheap wired version.

Wait around a couple months MS just released info about the redesigned wireless headset. I wouldn't recommend the current one. Two have just stopped working completely and I am just lucky I got a replacement plan with it. Also you have to talk louder than normal for the 360 notice you're actually trying to communicate. Really annoying like in parties when you can't tell when it's working. Still I like walking around between multiplayer games without carrying my controller with me.

I love my current wireless headset and it works amazingly.

I have the wireless Microsoft headset and turtle beach x31's ... Both as bad as each other I'd recommend just buying a wired headset...pointless getting wireless really ..

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Also if you ever mute yourself if beeps at you to remind you that you're muted, necessary but extremely annoying.





I hate the incessant beep. I have both wired and wireless and rarely pull out the wireless. Also agree with the charging. It's a PITA. I can charge batteries in 15 minutes that last longer.