Question about terminals

They said they added terminals into the campaign, will that mean I can see them in the OLD graphics mode as well?


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I'm pretty sure you can.

No, actually. Upon switching to "Classic" graphics, terminals will disappear and become inaccessible until you switch back to Anniversary mode.

they mentioned in a campaign Vidoc that their goal was to incorporate terminals into the existing framework of the game, and not to create new awkward items in the environment. (For instance, the first one is a computer terminal in the bridge in "Pillar of Autumn")

This suggests to me that you'll still be able to collect them some way in "Classic" mode, though when they appear on-screen, it will probably be in HD graphics.

Skulls and Terminals only appear in the updated version.

^^ This. Watch some of the video commentary and they say that anything new added will only be able to be seen in the updated engine. They didn't want to mess with the old graphics or engine.