Question about summoning assassins.

Okay, so it never truly went over this, so I've got to ask here. How do I control how many assassins I summon? Whenever I want one, I somehow get two. I see the bars in the assignments menu or whatever it is showing one assassin under one bar, two under the other, and three under the last, but I can't figure out how to pick which of those groups I want to fight for me. Help?


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They all will fight for you.  You dont really have that much ( or I have missed it and I could have) control over them.  You have arrow storm and then the different levels ( how many you want to fight) of assassins you want to fight for you.

Each bar = 2 Assassins.

3 Bars = 6 Assassins.

3 Bars = Arrow Storm if you hold LB.

For every two Borgia Towers you bring down, you get 1 Bar on your Assassins Bar up to a max of 3 bars.

Each time you hit the LB button (tap) you summon 2 Assassins who will fight for you until they die.