Question about Shangri-La EE

I had a question regarding this easter egg and was wondering if anyone might have the answer. A group of us were playing earlier and made it to Step 11 of the EE at which point we needed to upgraded 31-79 JGb215 to shoot down the dynamite... now my question is: Is it not possible to get this gun out of the box once you start the easter egg? We had it in the early rounds but the guy got left behind (@ minecart) and died.


It seems weird that they would not allow you to get the gun again once you started the EE, but we probably put 40k into the box before we ran out of money and just gave up.


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I feel your pain brah. My team must have spent 30k on the box just to get the baby gun. We got so far on the easter egg, but sadly during one of the final steps our teammate lags out and we couldn't time travel again so that was really frustating. In short... we got very far, but came up short.

Hmm, thanks for the reply. The reason we thought that was we never even saw it as the weapons were rotating, it was all just really weird and frustrating at the same time. The game before we started the EE on round 3 and matched up the tiles then put about 30k into the box that time and never saw it.


It must have just been horrible luck. :(

Well we would have been stuck anyways cause we started the Easter Egg early like on round 6 what round do you suggest on starting it ? Also, I had no idea about upgrading a gun so it would have to be around level 12 or something right ?

The box is random, we started th we and was on step 3 and we got it on the first try

if you guys decide to give it another go I'm up for it. I know everything we need to do. Just send me a request if interested