Question about Reconnaissance Ribbon

So Ive been trying to get this ribbon and nothing, I dont know what Im doing wrong. I spot the three weapons that no one else has picked up and the stupid thing doesnt pop up. Can anyone that has gotten it already give me any tips please? Do the other players need to pick up the weapons you spot? Do they have to be the ones you buy exclusively? Is it the weapons obtained from challenges? What is the meaning of life?


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yea I click and the icon pops up for every weapon i spot. Idk y this is happening, it may be glitched? but i doubt it, maybe I'm just doing it wrong

Hate to say the obvious, but are you actually clicking the stick and the spotted icon comes up? The only mode that works for me is in Horde.

Um no most of the ribbons and medals are fine and in no way glitched.

Are you trying it in all game modes? I think horde is the only place where it works..

motify, alot of the ribbons and stuff are glitched. i believe this is one

i thought i did that and nothing happened, I even tried with my friend. Do you know if thats actually how you have to do it?? thanks for the input tho

I believe someone has to pick up the weapon you spot