Question about ranking system?

I just started ME2 and I was wondering how high can I rank up ? I seen on a couple forums people talking about have a level 50 or 60(can't remember exact number) soldier from ME1 and I was wondering if I imported this soldier over to ME2 would I still gain XP and rank up or would I be at the max


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The highest level you can obtain in Mass Effect 2 is level 30, it's no longer 60 as it was in Mass Effect 1 as they changed the way you level up in ME 2.

If you import a level 60 character from ME 1 for example, you will start out at level 5 in ME 2 and you will gain XP after each mission completed until you reach level 30; the limit.

Which is another change made from ME 1, in ME 2 you don't gain XP for each enemy killed or each crate/box/locker hacked/unlocked, instead you are only rewarded party XP at the end of each mission.

Oh OK thanks for the clarification


Which reminds me, I hope they bring back the ME1 xp system. I liked using those mad decryption skills for xp after opening a locker.