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I just started playing ranked KI and I got a few wins under my belt and I get to promotion to level 3. Up to that point I'm fighting guys around my level so the matches are fun and competitive. On the last match I get put up against a level 20. Does ranked matchmaking not take into account your level and just find you any opponent? 


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It does but if it can't find someone at your level it expands the search till it finds someone. If you find a level 20 that means that it couldn't find someone around your level at the time of the search.

I'm sure there is some extra math in there that weighs connection and level and finds the best one but the above description is the simplified version.

@KRS ON3: That is correct. The vast majority of my matches in ranked are against people of a similar level to me. Occasionally though, I will get ranked against someone much lower or higher than me. (I'm ranked 13: Gate Keeper)

That is what I figured. Thanks. Just stinks I started to feel good about my talents with Glacius and then I get dumped on by a Spinal. Appreciate the help!

It tries to match make, but it generally fails. It's pretty random. From what I've noticed the "shelf" occurs around rank 5. Before that point match making is semi-reliable, afterwards it's very common to get much higher ranks.

My guess is that, since the overwhelming majority of players are likely ranked 1-3, they all use up each other, after that point there is a relatively small number of players between ranks 4-30 so match making gets very difficult for the server to manage.

I really don't bother with ranked any more in this game, it seems too arbitrary. The game says I'm not good enough to hold down rank 6 because every time I get there I get four rank 30+ in a row and unsurprisingly can't beat them and go back down again. Then one day I get a whole run of high ranked players and lose rank 5. I just couldn't be bothered any more.

Your rank should reflect your ability to beat people of that rank, much like leagues in sport work. Ranked mode is not and should not be a never ending tournament where you have to face whoever the random pick throws at you.

If you can beat more rank 5s than beat you - you belong in rank 6. If you can beat more rank 6s than can beat you, you belong in rank 7. The odd match up against someone much better than you is fun, but when you are being judged whether you belong in rank 5 or 6 based on whether you can beat a long run of rank 20s and 30s? It's an utter farce.

It won't change because the higher ranked people who are the "stars" of the community all seem to love getting low ranked people to beat in their streams, and maintain their high ranks by being fed several "fodder" players between every challenge.

Your xp loss against higher ranks is usually quite minimal. Theirs would be very high loss if they lose. If you keep getting matched with higher ranks just wait longer between matches before jumping back in the ranked queue.

Rank isn't an accurate number anyways. I'm 15, I've been demolished by rank 5s and bodied players over level 20. It's all in how you play.

@CtrlAltDenied it scales, but only +/-... I can't remember but I think 6? After that there is no further risk to the higher ranked player and obviously the lower ranked player has a harder and harder time.

Whether you lose one point or six is irrelevant if you bump up a rank and face a handful of higher ranked players. You're still going to go straight back down again. Add rage quitter to that, who back at the point I gave up on ranked were robbing about a third of my wins off me every session, and its a pointless waste of time.

Rank is not a realistic indicator of anything precisely because the system is so broken. If you only ever faced people +/- 6 of your rank it would be fair and weighted.

And those 5s who demolished you were probably 30-40s using an alt account because they were in jail. Very common these days.