Question about purchasing a 360

Hello guys, i'm tired of playing PS3 and while i wait on getting an XBone i want to trade in my old PS3 and get a 360 but i have a question

1: How much would i get from say gamestop for these in trade for a 360

-PS3 Super Slim 250 GB *with all the basic things including DS3 Six-Axis Controller*

-Battlefield 4


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Probably not a whole lot, maybe around $100-$120. I can't be too sure because prices change often. Since you have everything included it might be a little more.

you will probably get a bit more money if you sell it yourself instead of trading in. try using craigslist :)

All together the max at GameStop is like 150$ to 200$ depending on the condition of the items ... If the items has a malfunction or broken a lil bit they take off 10$ ....

Having a 360 is worth buying to me. It's worth the investment to me. I bought the 360 and that's all I play.

I called my local gamestop about a week ago with this question.

They offered me 55$ cash and 76$ in store credit.

You are better of selling it on your own.