Question about preorder bonuses

Will you be able to use the Locke armor during MP?

Is the Gamestop MP code the only way to get the Locke armor? or can it be earned in-game a different way?

Will weapon skins be availble for use during MP (from the M$ pre-order)?


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From what I heard, yes you will be able to use Locke's armor, however unlocking it without pre-ordering from Gamestop, no.  Wouldn't surprise me though, b/c thats how businesses make money.  That goes for the "rumored" weapon skins that will be available within the Halo 5 figures.  I believe a similar approach is being taken as Halo 4's weapon skin release.  

Its possible they might let you buy the Locke  armor after a few months. Dont know anything about weapon skins from Microsoft.