Question about Payday 2: Crimewave Edition for Xbox One?

Hello everyone! I got at least two questions about this game I never played before.. First of all, It is a great game for me expect so far I am playing on easier Levels and I am yet Level 5 Rank.

Question #1. Exactly how many Skill Points can you get? Is there unlimited until you purchase all your Skills and Perks?

Question #2. If I attempt to join someone else in online mode.. There could be a bad chance I could get kicked? And In Online Mode do I play with Player similar to my character rank or random rank players?


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Update & Edit.. I found out later that it's online servers are not working.. It keeps saying to me that: Error Failed to join or something like that.. And I know it can't be my Internet because I played Destiny and Elder Scrolls Online.. This is rather big time Disappointment.. I guess I will have to continue play Single Player on Payday 2 Crimewave Edition (Xbox One).

If they kick you its because low level. Most groups are looking for someone with skills from the skill tree. Also most jobs require teamwork they may be going by a logic low level no experence. Alot of jobs can be aided by you having prior knowldge of doing it. I leveld past 5 on my first misson did it with friends on over kill.That said I think it's stupid people kick low levels, how do they expect you to level up? I tell u what if I get a opening later I'll inv u for a game to level u up just don't be foolish we try to play on overkill when possable.

DANIMAL1018? So, People does kick because I am could be a low level.... Wow.. And how you can invite me to the game if the servers are not working proper in Payday 2 Xbox One? Because every time I attempt to join a random job from other players.. I can't join no one because it keeps saying that Error Failed to join.

DANIMAL1018? I am sorry if I sounded rude.. I read and look into more information how to play online with other players.. I found out my best chance is by either I invite a player or they invite me.. By the way man, How hard is Overkill? (Three Skulls).

As for everyone else.. I got my #1 Question answer.. Now, Please tell me about #2 Question.. The Question again is, How many Skill Points can you have? It is like Call of Duty where once you reach max rank you must Prestige or I can have many as I want as long I keep leveling up and to the point where I can purchase all The Skills and Aces from the Skill Trees?

^I don't know the exact number, but you don't get unlimited and have to choose wisely what skills you want. When you reach the 'Infamy' levels it lowers the point requirement for each tier of skills so you can use less skills points to reach those really high and desirable skills and invest in other trees.

I use to run a ghost/technician as my main trees and throw a little mastermind in there too, but once you reach 100 the points stop coming.

For being kicked it really depends on the host. Low level, too loud on mic, dont have a mic, dont speak the same language, the host is an *** etc

DigiAssassin? I thank you man.. I thought I get unlimited Skill Points the more I play... It is really too bad I can't have every skill in the skill tree.. But I guess that would probably make the game too easy.. After all The game is about Team Based not being Bad ***... Unless of course either me or someone else has the skills of their character and mind to do some missions solo and such.. Like one Youtube Video I heard that this person beat a mission, Solo on Deathwish... I am very sure that requires a lot of Planning, Skills and Strategy.

LET ME KILL YOU? Umm... I can see it really depends on the host... Low Level? Is Level 24 Enough or I need to improve more?, Too Loud on Mic? I often turn my TV Volume off and I am not a loudy Kid, Don't have a Mic? I have an Xbox 360 X32 Turtle Beach and I am using it for Xbox One with The Stereo Adapter.. And as for the Language? I am very often Nice Person and I speak English and Spanish (Though I prefer not to speak spanish during the game).. So I can understand The Host probably kick me for not speaking the same language. And LET ME KILL YOU? I thank you man for the information.