Question about Party play.

Quick question for people who already own BF4:

If I want to play with 6-8 of my friends (who're in my Party) and I want them to stay on the same team, is that possible?  I don't mind us being set into two different squads, but I want my friends to stay on the same team.  My group of friends and I tried this with BF3 on the 360, but were frustrated by the game automatically splitting our team between the two sides after every match.  Basically, I want to get my friends together, launch into a multiplayer game, and STAY ON THE SAME TEAM with my Party friends.  I've looked at reviews online, and this question is never answered for me anywhere.  It says that squads stay together, but it doesn't say if a larger party is kept together.  It is literally a deciding factor for me when it comes to buying this game, so if anyone out there can help, I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks!

Also, I think this might be related to this question: but it was kind of hard to decipher, so I can't be sure.


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Often you're able to stay together but not always. The other night I was in party chat with 3 friends of mine. I joined after they had already been playing in a match and, since there wasn't enough room on their side it put me on the opposing team. The game ended the next game started in the same server. When it started it automatically put me not only on their team but on their squad.

Hmm, that's cool but that was with a total of 4 people, right?  I expect that would work.  I'm more interested in knowing if an XBL Party (up to 8 people) can stay on the same team.  If it's like BF3, I'm scared it'll move half my group to the other team, forcing us to play against each other, which is what we do NOT want.