Question about new COD map pack

So here's my story. I recovered my gamertag on an xbox at my work on the 28th. I added points to my account by using my credit card, and bought the new map pack on my gamertag that I just recovered on the xbox at my work. So, I played the new maps and everythings great. I went home and recovered my gamertag on my own xbox and redownloaded the map pack for free.


The next day at work, the maps were still able to be played on the xbox without using my own gamertag. The other gamertag that is already on the xbox is able to play the maps without having to download and buy them. Is this supposed to happen? I thought every thing downloaded on your account could only be played on your account. Why can other profiles play with the same maps?


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Always been like that.

The only time you have to use your own gamertag to play a DLC (when connected to Xbox LIVE) is when you bought a DLC on an old Xbox and you have recently got a new one, without transfering the licenses over to the new Xbox.

This is supposed to happen. The license for the dlc allows everyone to play it on the console.

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wtf...thanks guys

whaaat. Did this happen recently? I thought everything downloaded on one gamertag could not be used by another gamertag, regardless if they share an xbox or not.