Question About Legends Of The Wasteland Achievement

I'm trying to platinum Rage on PS3. I've got all the trophies except the Legend of the Wasteland ones. For some reason they won't unlock.

I'm wondering if my PS3 version is glitching or if it's the same with the Xbox version as well.

I've played through the first legend on nightmare in split screen with my brother and I didn't "The Legend Begins..." or "A True Legend".

Then I played with someone online on normal mode and I still didn't unlock any trophies.

Basically I'm wondering if in order to unlock the achievements, do you have to play online? Or could I just do them by myself or in split screen. 

At this point I'm convinced there's some sort of glitch with my PS3 trophies. The achievement/trophy descriptions don't provide any specifics on how to unlock them.

Anyone who has unlocked these achievements, your input would be appreciated.



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I was able to unlock all of the Legend of the Wasteland achievements. I played online with a buddy.

I believe you have to do it online and play with another person. Playing split screen and local won't get the achievements.