Question about Kill Confirmed- what counts?

I've been thinking about Kill Confirmed, and had some questions. So you have these perks and unlocks for your weapons, and you need kills to unlock them. So say you need 50 kills to unlock the AGOG, what counts in Kill Confirmed? Does each time you shoot someone and they drop tags count? Or do you have to personally collect the tags? What if you collect tags from someone who was shot by one of your teammates? Do those count? What if someone else collects the tags from the enemy you shot? The same for perks that need so many kills to advance to the pro version. Humm...



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When you pick up the yellow tags, that gives your team 1 point, but for you, +50 in score.  

Picking up the red tags denies the team 1 point and gives you +50 in score points.  

You can pick up tags from foes that your teammate has killed.