Question about insanity and character transfer.

Will there be any rewards beating mass effect 1 & 2 on insanity in me3? As in if one of my seven main  playthroughs have beat both games on insanity on both games will I receive a credit bonus or anything?


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Mine will be 'Insanity Imports' as well and was wondering about that myself.  I'm actually more worried about being able to 'dumb down' the difficulty level for ME3 for from everything I've seen so far. it's sure going to be challenging...:-)

Good, I haven't seen anything me3 related at all yet. But, that good news if it looks challenging, ME2 felt lacking in the diffculty side.

I've heard that they're ramping up the difficulty. Casey Hudson said something about how "Normal" is now about what "Veteran" was previously.

Eh, I'm skeptical on that the last time Bioware said that (mike lidlaw) the combat was much easier. I rather take a gamer point view such as Arkham99 or you.

True. I guess we'll just have to wait. Hopefully they won't just throw in a couple of tight spots and call it good. It should be bone-crushingly hard all the way through.

As an old fart that's lost a lot of my twitch gaming skills, I hope they keep the difficulty like it is in ME2.  Have Insanity for those that want something harder (maybe make it even more difficult), but leave Normal alone.