Question about gear and stacking...

OK, so I know that if you have the BW, and put on the armor piercing mod, they do not stack, and that the gear over-rides the weapon default, but what about gear stacking other gear.  Does it happen?


Like, placing the shield gear V (+30% shields) and using Cyclonic Modulator III (+100% shields), does that mean you'll have +130% shields?


Sniper rifle amp III (+30% damage bonus) and Sniper rifle amp/gear V (+15% damage) = +45% sniper damage bonus?



Does anyone know, or can verify?



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Good question.. I am not sure yet but here is some helpfull data that a player has put together as to what all the known gear, mods and bonus stuff is supose to do.

Updated Gear and Consumables Sheet



I posted your question on the BW thread above and did get a response from the player that has been building the data sheet on equipment stuf;

'They do stack, and they're all for the most part additive. Even with things like Fitness and your racial passive.

So if you have Shield Booster V + Cyclonic Modulator III as well as 65% from Fitness, you'll get +195% shields in total.'



I was wondering the same thing and it's good to know I wasn't wasting my stuff.