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Hello, it is I, Lietenant Josh, was Cheatroc a few days ago, and I have a question. A few days ago I got 800 Microsoft points for a Gamertag name change thing... err.. anyway, I changed it from Cheatroc to What I MEANT To be was Lieutenant Josh. I forgot the U and ended up spelling Lietenant Josh. I didn't realize that until after I confirmed my new name and it said "Hello, my name is LIETENANT JOSH". Is there any way like I can get that fixed or what


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I hate to say it but another 800 MSP is the only way I know of.  Wish I had better news.

Sorry but no and fro two reasons.

First, all Sales (including name Changes) are final. It is your responsibility to check prior to finalizing any Purchase.

Second, the GT you wanted is already taken "Lieutenant Josh" hence it is impossible to for you to have.

@LostKauz Nicely researched; OP, they are both right unfortunately for you.  Shame you didn't do it a week or so ago when it was on offer for 77% the cost. :-)

Oh ok. Thank you! Wait, really? Oh come on! D: