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Love Lego games and have played most of them. The question I have is how much of the game is devoted to Real Time Strategy? Currently the new price for the game is 20 bucks, which is a good price, but I really hate RTS games.


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not to sure what you mean by rts as far as lego games go ,but this one is a little different in the way there are many battle levels to complete using various vehicles and strategies.

that said it is still a lego game so still very basic.

I think he's refering to those levels where you have to change the color of the numerous circles.  Rather than see these as RTS levels, I think of them as a more advanced "Level Builder" than we've seen in previous LEGO games.  I really dug them at first, but there are way too many of them in this game and would've liked to have seen more story-based levels...:-)

an easy way to get past them when they get boring is to use the speeder bike with the heavy blaster extra turned on,these will destroy any targets including gold ones.

you can get through most levels within a few minutes that way.