Question About Easy Fatality Unlocks/Krypt + All DLC Character Moves

Good morning! My question is about Easy fatalities unlocks and the krypt. I unlocked everything in the krypt last night and noticed that only certain characters easy fatalities unlocked. I thought all easy fatalities were unlocked for each character if all krypt items were unlocked. Does anybody have any knowledge of this without actually going into the store and paying for easy fatalities?

Also, I was just wondering if all moves for the dlc characters will be unlocked when they're released if someone has the entire krypt unlocked? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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If its not in youre games and apps you need to go back into the store and look to see if it needs to be installed cause it doesnt sound like it installed.. when it does install then all you should have to do is go into the game and go to the Krypt I believe and it will have the option to unlock all..... its been a while since I did this so I cant remember exactly..

I also have a question I purchased the unlock the entire Krypt DLC as well but how do you activate it? It says it should be in my games and apps but it's not there.

I know when I unlocked everything in the Krypt I only wound up getting 5 easy fatalities for free,...   I think thats all they gave away for free, which is why they want you to purchase the others..

and yes all the moves for the DLC characters should be unlocked if you have unlocked the entire Krypt, I know when I downloaded Jason today it have everything unlocked for him already, so im assuming that had to do with the Krypt unless they are just gonna come that way since they are DLC

no problem :D

Cool! Thanks for the reply!