Question about dlc and if it transfers to main story

As the title states, does any of the dlc transfer into the main story, or is it a side story and a side character?


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It pretty much is the story of the burned man and what happens to him after Ceaser "kills" him.

Also it's pretty good it's shorter than Dead Money but still better in my opinion.

Weird glitch, it's showing my profile as the poster for me. Anywho, so none of the exp or weapons are transferred over to your main character?

Yes you still play as your main character and all Guns,Armors,XP etc are all added to the character you play as.

Ah, ok. I bought the dead money dlc when it went on sale for 400msp about a month ago, but never got around to playing it (that and I heard none of the weapons or Armour were transferred over because you played as a different character).

in Honest Hearts you can take 100 weight which is enough and its a good idea as there are lots of things to pick up in Zion. it connects with the main story in some ways, like if you killed Caesar you can have a conversation about it, due to the history one of the characters with the Legion.

You leave the game after beating HH with some great goodies also.

Same character that you use during dead money and HH. Plus you get extra stuff and perks and achievo's

You can't go back to those places after you beat them so grab all you can before you leave

So, what are these "goodies" that u pick up from HH?