Question about Defiant DLC.

Hello, I've had Halo Reach and the Noble DLC pack for a while now, but I never bought the Defiant one, this game still has a lot of players (around 40k) each day but I was wondering if people still play the DLCs?

I don't want to waste my money and find out nobody plays those maps, has happened to me with other games before.

Thanks! :) 


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Hello there,

I would personally recommend getting it, but a good way to find out how many play each game type etc. just hover over the Defiant DLC playlist, I'm sure you can view it, before i got the DLCs i could view the corresponding playlists :)

And yeh a lot of people do play the game still, as it still popular, a lot of people i would guess are getting the DLC, as the game has moved onto Halo 4 now, the true Reach community are starting to show themselves, and i guess they would have the DLC. Similar thing with Halo 3, once Reach was released, i noticed a lot more DLC activity so i presume its the same for Reach :)

If not however you can still get the achievements and bragging rights.

Hope this helps you decide :)

^^^ With Halo 3 I'd say the DLC disc that came with ODST helped out some. I'd like to see Reach come out with an all DLC disc. Maybe for platium hits or something.

I still play the new DLC for Halo Reach.

Reach will never get old.

Reach will never die just like spartans :)