Question about Dark souls 1 online play?

Hi, like many people, I downloaded Dark Souls yesterday from Games With Gold. It's a fantastic game, and i'm loving it so far. But I have a question about the multiplayer aspect of it. I've read the wiki about it, and I understand how the online play works. But why have i not seen a single, player made bloodstain, any soapstones, or any phantoms. I am connected to xbox live, I have gold, I wasn't in a party or private chat. Has From Software discontinued the online service? Are there just not enough people online for me to see anything? And, I have defeated the Taurus Demon and am in the Undead Parish. I got a white soapstone from Solaire and I got an orange one from somewhere else. I have tried placing my white one, and it seemed to work, although nobody used it. Am I doing something wrong?



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Nope the online is broken because the games with gold version isn't patched. So it's causing problems with online. So far they are trying to fix the issue, so as soon as the games with gold version gets fixed and updates the online will be fixed also but right now there is no eta when the game will be fixed but i'm really hoping it's fixed soon. 

Anyway here is a link to the info

Oh! Ok, so the game's not dead :D Thanks!

Your welcome

I have the GwG version, I see orange guide soapstone runes from other players (I assume from other GwG people) and occasional phantoms of people at bonfires and occasional bloodstains.  I don't see White co-op, red or black(gravelord) pvp runes, I don't even know what the dragon pvp rune looks like but I don't see that either.  So my game is half broken lol.

I haven't even got one single summon to kill sinners in Anor Londo,  I've lost hope I think I'm turning hollow.