Question about Boethia's Daedric quest. (Spoilers!)

I am just doing some Daedric quests, and have come to this quest on my journey.  I have sucessfully sacrificed a merc and slaughtered all the people at the temple to gain Boethia's favor.  I have now been instructed to go clear a dungeon "stealthily".  That's not really my style though.  I prefer to run in screaming and swinging.  My question is, do I have to sneak kill the lot, or can I run in metaphorically "guns blazing" and just wipe them out and still get the artifact?


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I'm not 100% sure as I've always been a sneaky type (playing warrior this time) but I've read that you can go in 'all guns blazing' as long as you are in sneak/crouch mode when you go into the actual dungeon (through the door). It maybe worth creating a save file though just in case I am wrong in what I've read.

Not sure either, although I was discovered while sneaking and still got the armor and achievement just fine.  Definately create a save just outside the entrance in case something goes wrong.

You can do it as loud as you want and still get your ebony armor. I was discovered when I was doing it and had to fight them all at once. If that's not being discovered, I don't know what is.

Try entering the dungeon with sneak on as others have mentioned.