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so this will be my first battlefield game and i was wondering does evryone crouch on the ground waiting for you and do people really hang out in the back with a sniper all the time or is this just cuz its a new game and people dont know what to do


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Campers typically don't last long. One death from them and their wall generally gets a rocket, c4, tank shell, etc.


Sometimes snipers are annoying, not really as opponents but when they are on your team. It's a team game so if several of your teammates are not helping it can be annoying. If you bring your own team don't even worry about it. If you stay moving it will be really hard for enemy snipers to shoot you from too far away.

snipers dont dominate in this game like they can in some others. Sure you get one or two very talented snipers but generally they are few and far between. Fear the guy thats good in a tank, he will be more of a problem to you!

I've already unlocked the AT Mines, so bring on the tanks, loved dropping those in BC2: Vietnam, easy points and usually two kills at the same time!

I'm a sniper and love providing cover for my team, yet i'm also pretty handy with the M9 too. i dont camp, i snipe, and even then i still move around although it may not look like it as when i die i use the Mobile Spawnpoint so i'm always in the same spot at one time or another.

You will encounter maps that will involve a lot of the beginning stage of Operation Metro. Not everyone plays like that though..


As for snipers, a lot of people try, not many are any real worry. I see them on defense and say to myself "one less guy I have to worry about when I go to arm the MCOM. You get some that are pretty good, and by that, I mean they get in a nice spot and call out/spot/kill the other team who is trying to advance or flank. The kids who sit in the very back and only shoot people are the ones doing nothing but being a hindrance to their team.

The bonus of hanging back and sniping is that you get shed loads of points for your team spawning on you all the time.

i think its better to spawn nearer the front line - it gives you a better battlefield position if you can get instant reinforcements and keep pushing. Nothing worse than the long walk to the front line to get killed when you arrive!

Every battlefield game has campers here and there but when vehicles are deployed it's completely different. I've been with the series since Battlefield 1942 for the PC and played every single game released after that. So there's always going to be something for you to do besides camping. But please note if your playing rush. The objective for defenders is to "Defend" which may resolve in some "camping" or holding a position with a 200 round clip machine gun.